Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher Concealer


The aptly named Retoucher Concealer from Charlotte Tilbury is every girl's dream. Inspired by the 'magic' retoucher pen used by photographers, this concealer has the power to blur away imperfections. Be it dark circles, acne or even wrinkles. With so many on the market, choosing the right concealer can be hard. What is most impressive about the Charlotte Tilbury's offering is the 'conceal and treat' offering. No longer do you have to choose whether to blur or fix imperfections like wrinkles, pores and lines. The hydrating complex of black tea derivatives smooths and moisturises the skin to help clear imperfections whilst also disguising them.

This might just be due to how much I loved it but I was disappointed by how quick the concealer ran out. It happened on a day I needed it the most. One twist, two twists, three twists – nothing. In that moment, I saw the whole world come crashing down as I could no longer hide how tired I was from the world. Ok, this might be a tad melodramatic. But honestly, over the period of time in which I was using this concealer, I fell in love with it. It was highly pigmented which meant it could cover up the dark spots left by a bout of acne.

Aside from the pretty rose gold, what I really liked about the packaging of the Retoucher Concealer was the applicator. Some concealers can be a faff and I hate it. With this concealer, the need for a brush was eliminated.

With only four shades to choose from, there is definitely work to be done in order to cater to more skin tones. I'm in between shades medium and dark or the current offering. Deciding on which shade to go for was pretty hard. In the end I picked medium, simply because I tend to use my concealers for brightening purposes.

Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher Concealer is priced at £25.00.

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