Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation


Charlotte Tilbury - the new gal on the block changing the beauty game one product at a time. Unless you've been living under a rock or not a beauty fanatic then in the last two years or so, I'm sure you've stumbled across Charlotte Tilbury. She began her beauty career as a makeup artist working with models and celebrities before launching her own brand in 2013. The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation took five years to develop and has become some of a cult product and I can understand why. Never have I used such a light-weight foundation - it's like magic (no pun intended). Nowadays, I normally scour the Internet for product reviews before I make a purchase. When I searched for the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, there was unanimous agreement about how great it was - of course I was excited to try it. There are 15 shades in the range with five for darker skin tones. I chose shade 11 - a deep bronze for deep to dark skin tones with warm golden undertones with slight fear that it’ll be too light for me but it wasn’t. I do wish there were more shades for Women of Colour, because if you look at the range there is a massive gap between shades 11 and 12.

On different occasions, I applied the foundation using a buffing brush, my fingers and a Beauty Blender and each time the result was absolutely magical. I do have to say I prefer the look I achieved using a Beauty Blender; it literally took my skin to the next level and gave me a noticeable glow. The coverage is fuller than I'm used to so I keep it aside for special occasions only. The foundation claims to reduce the appearance of spots and any discoloration or imperfections and I agree. I have dry/sensitive skin that often cause foundation to break down after a few hours of wear. Unfortunately, with this foundation I found that by lunch time, my face was dry around my chin and cheeks - not a very good look. However, a little extra moisturiser before applying helped it last longer. If you like a a demi-matte finish to your foundation and suffer from hyper pigmentation, then I definitely recommend this.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is priced at £29.50.

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