C.A.K.E Cosmetics Daily Wear Foundation and Creme to Powder Foundation

C.A.K.E. Cosmetics is a British brand catering to black women. They offer a range of complexion products e.g. their Daily Wear Foundations and Crème to Powder Foundations as well as eyeshadows, lipsticks and highlighters. I received the Daily Wear Foundation in N11 and purchased the N95 Daily Wear Foundation and the Crème to Powder Foundation in N95 to review.

Daily Wear Foundation

There are five shades in total in the Daily Wear Foundation range. The N11 shade was too dark and cool for me to use so I stuck to using the N95 shade although it wasn’t a perfect match, it was more workable. Using the ‘Find Your Shade feature on the website, it recommends this shade for warm medium skin tones, however upon swatching it when it arrived and using it, I found it more on the neutral undertone side of the scale and a slightly darker shade for my complexion.  They also compare the N95 shade to MAC NW48 and whilst I have NW50 (Studio Fix), I find the two undertones are very different.

With that been said, the foundation looks beautiful on. It has a silky/satin finish which isn’t too matte or luminous. The coverage is good, medium and buildable. It feels lightweight but you are still feel aware of the fact that you have foundation on. It blends quite well and the texture is liquid without been too thick or runny. I was impressed by the staying power. It lasts all day without separating around the mouth area or settling into my smile lines. I also noticed I was not oily and I didn’t blot when I had this on.  

Crème to Powder Foundation

The Crème to Powder Cake Foundation has a matte finish and a good amount of coverage. I noticed the N95 shade in this range is described as cool neutral. I also felt like it looked slighter darker in the pan compared to when it’s swatched or worn but I’m not sure if it’s due to the crème to powder foundation formula. Again it wasn’t the best shade match for me but it was workable.

Final thoughts

I didn’t experience any irritation with the foundations. I noticed the Crème to Powder Foundation is only listed on Superdrug, I couldn’t find it on the Cake Cosmetics website.I liked using the Daily Wear Foundation, however the lack of a good match for my shade and undertone meant I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I wish there were more swatches online too to help with the shade selection process and more undertones. I must say the customer service from C.A.K.E.Cosmetics was really good. My order was dispatched quickly and packaged nicely and I also received a small sample of their liquid highlighter. I also think if the shades and undertones were expanded, the collection would be more diverse and more suitable for a lot of brown beauties. Overall, I prefer the Daily Wear Foundation to the Crème to Powder Foundation and I think it’s a good everyday foundation if you get your perfect shade match and undertone.

C.A.K.E. Cosmetics Daily Wear Foundation and the Crème to Powder Foundation are priced at £13.00 each. 

C.A.K.E.Cosmetics is available exclusively online at Superdrug and the C.A.K.E Cosmetics website.