butter LONDON Big Smoke Nail Lacquer


Even before I opened this butter LONDON Big Smoke Nail Lacquer, it had an unfair advantage; I already liked it. Why? Because it’s in a shade of blue and I love anything blue. This particular nail lacquer is called Big Smoke and is part of butter LONDON's 3-free nail Lacquer-Vernis range which is much ‘greener’ or kind to the environment compared to than other nail lacquers. The range is carcinogen-free and contains no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP which is great because when it comes to the environment, every little helps. The shimmery blue colour of Big Smoke is very glamorous, a common trait with all of butter LONDON's nail lacquers. I also believe their shades really complements darker skin tones which is another thing I like about them.

Big Smoke is a very versatile nail colour which can be worn anytime but I’ll recommend it for a dressy night out as it gives an instant classy look. The lacquer itself is light and easy to apply. It generally needs about three coats, takes about 15 minutes to dry between coats. It is very smudge friendly, which can be interpreted as me not being a nail expert but come to think of it, no matter how smoothly I applied the lacquer, smudges and lines couldn’t be avoided after the lacquer has dried.

After 24 hours of going to the gym and having a quick shower, the nail lacquer had begun to chip quite badly. The lines and dents were more pronounced. In all honesty this polish doesn’t have a lot of staying power nor is it chip resistant. To avoid lines and dents, you’ll have to apply every few days.

It’s a personal choice whether you as a buyer think it is worth it, because it while it is a good sized nail lacquer, having to reapply almost every day means it won’t last very long.

butter LONDON Nail Lacquer Big Smoke is available from amazon.