Brush Works The Complete Complexion & Contouring Kit

At the time of receiving the Brush Works The Complete Complexion & Contouring Kit, I hadn't heard of the brand.  It is owned by Soinvogue, which also owns a brand I have already heard of: called Eye Candy.

The Complexion and Contouring Kit consists of three makeup sponges which I will describe as a large egg shape, a small egg shape and a rocket. It promises to give a flawless, high definition look and tobe perfect for contouring and strobing. The blurb on the box says the sponges can be used to apply foundation, cover dark circles and eliminate harsh lines. 

I used the sponges to apply liquid foundation and cream concealer. They must be used damp, as this is supposed to prevent too much product being picked up, especially when being compared to brush application, although the packaging contradicts itself to say the sponges can also be used dry.  A claimed feature of the sponges was that they would also eliminate harsh lines and that the small sponge is good for covering dark circles. 

I used both of the large sponges on different occasions to dab on my foundation after I had dampened them using primer water. The instructions say to dab and to swipe but I didn’t do that, thinking it would leave lines. I found that I used more foundation with these sponges, rather than the same or less which is what should have happened; I think the sponges were not picking up enough product! This was the same with the concealer. 

All of the sponges did give a smooth, line-free finish. The small sponge was the perfect size for under the eyes and around the nose and the larger ones could be squeezed to ensure all of the other areas were covered. They are not that bouncy (and I like bounce in my sponges) but that's not a huge problem. The sizes give a good balance between speed of application (fairly fast) and precision. 

If these sponges are easily accessible on the high street, I would purchase them. Whilst not all of the claims were fulfilled, I think it's a really good set for a reasonable price (RRP £11.99) which would cover all of my flawless complexion needs, even if it meant using a little more foundation and concealer. I probably wear too much anyway.

For more information, please visit their website.