Boucleme Hydrating Cleanser


I’m big fan of Boucleme’s hair products. I trialled their Three Step System earlier this year and I was extremely happy with the outcome. Although, I’m still not sure how I feel about of the fragrance. Some days I’m not in the mood for the very citrusy smell and other days I don’t mind it. I was curious about Boucleme's Hydrating Cleanser and how it would work on my hair? I’ll admit I was disappointed that the fragrance was the same as the ones I trialled previously. However for continuity, I appreciate that it makes sense. Depending on your curl type you can use the Hydrating Cleanser, instead of the Curl Cleanser and follow through with the Curl Conditioner and Curl Defining Gel. I trialled the Hydrating Cleanser for four hair washes but unfortunately it was not quite right for my curl type. I have thin hair with fine curls of a 2B/2C curl type.

Initially, I used this cleanser mid-week after a gym session. I found that it lathered well but felt like a regular sulphate shampoo even though it is actually sulphate free. After I applied the Boucleme's Curl Conditioner my hair felt soft and silky again. On another occasion I used it at the end of the week. I thought perhaps with a little product build up, perhaps the cleanser would have a different feel but sadly it didn’t.

I decided to try it on my daughter’s hair - I wash her hair every three weeks or so and I mostly use my styling products on her hair because they are organic and handmade. I noticed her hair responded much better to this product and it didn’t feel squeaky or stripped. I followed up with the Curl Conditioner and once it was rinsed out her hair felt super soft and luscious.

I deduced that this cleanser works best on looser curl patters - especially if you are mixed raced. It could possibly work with other curl types, if the hair has a lot of product build up. Boucleme now has five haircare products which includes a curl towel. There’s also a travel kit which is one way to trial the products before committing to a full size.

Boucleme Hydrating Cleanser is priced at £8.00 for 100ML and £15.00 for 300ML.

For more information, please visit their website.