How to Be Bold Like Lupita


Finally Lupita Nyong'o has come along to let us know that we need to embrace our crayola box and own it. Bold colours look amazing on Women of Colour and the the deeper your skin tone the better! In order to create the bold and beautiful look try this at home: Eyes or lips? Pick one. Which one do you like the most about yourself? Start with one.

Lips You have two options - a matte lipstick (this type has no shine, just intense colour) a lip liner and lip gloss.

1. Apply the liner and fill in your lips, then add the gloss on your lips. 2. Take a bathroom selfie and look at your picture. 3. Still apprehensive? Ok, wear your bold colour the next time you are just chilling at home or when you're doing your chores. Nobody can see you. LOL.

Eyes Are your eyes your best asset? You can switch out your black eyeliner for a green, blue or a purple. Feeling a little bolder? You can use the coloured shadow all over your eyelid - just the eye lid.

1. If you want to take baby steps you could keep your black eyeliner on the top eyelash line and then use the coloured liner on the bottom lash line. So you're doing the basic familiar steps you typically do in colour instead of black or brown eyeliner. 2. Honestly if you don't like it, don't worry, it's just makeup. Wipe it off. No stress. 3. So how do you pick colours you might ask. Well you have easy options and lots of them too.

You can copy someone who has a similar complexion to yours, look at blogs, YouTube, Instagram, magazines, even friends and family members. The cosmetics counters will help you out too.

So have yourself a Lupita moment and be bold!