Bobbi Brown Remedies Skin Treatment No 25

Bobbi Brown’s Skin Wrinkle Treatment No .25 joins six other treatments in the brand’s Remedies skincare range, and aims to remedy wrinkles and loss of firmness in the skin. Each treatment in the range is designed to specifically tackle a targeted problem. The Skin Wrinkle Treatment is further described as a comprehensive, multi-action solution that instantly blurs prominent lines and wrinkles, plumps to smooth fine lines, and visibly firms and lifts skin.

There are several skincare products available on the market which claim to tackle and reverse wrinkles. Bobbi Brown’s version differs in that its claims are more much more realistic, and aims to give reduced wrinkles in a visual sense. The visualisation of reduced lines is instant, since the product fills in and smooths lines on contact.

This product also works to stimulates natural collagen production, and push lines up for firmer skin- as well as instant visual improvement there is also a longer term benefit from use of this product. It contains natural ingredients at their most effective concentrations, such
as Kombucha Black Tea Ferment and Indian Mukul Myrrh Tree Root Extract. The latter is a ‘plumping pathway’ that creates a three dimensional plumping effect on the skin, while the Kombucha Black Tea Ferment stimulates the skin’s own collagen.

The treatment comes in the form of a simple bottle whose lid contains a small spatula, for easy
application on the skin. Only a few dabs of the product are needed, and are best applied on top of clean skin and before moisturiser. With increased use of this product, I expect to benefit from the long-term effects of the natural ingredients within the treatment, however can already see the instant benefits of smoothed and filled in fine lines. All in all, this is an unusually realistic and valuable wrinkle and firmness treatment for the skin, and one that I will continue use of to fully benefit from both immediate and long-term visible results.

Bobbi Brown Remedies Skin Treatment No 25 os priced at £29.50. 

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