Bobbi Brown Highlight & Glow Shimmer Brick Palette

Shimmer Bricks are one of Bobbi Brown's iconic products. They are an essential in my collection at least. I have been highlighting my cheekbones before it became a thing since trying my first Shimmer Brick in Nectar.  There are many other shades so I tested this trio so see if they were brownbeauty friendly. 

This palette contains three shimmer bricks in Rose, Copper Diamond and Apricot. They are slightly smaller than the single Shimmer Bricks however as full-sized ones last a very long time, I didn’t see this as a problem. Shimmer Bricks are delicate because they are made of strips of powder but the packaging feels sturdy and is the quality I would expect from Bobbi Brown. There is a large mirror in the lid which I used instead of my dressing table mirror. 

Rose is the only shade out of the three that is available to purchase on its own. It is a cool pink palette consisting of four shimmery pink shades and one iridescent pink shade, which reminds me of the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Pigment in Nude. If you missed out on that, this would be a good alternative. Rose pairs well with matte pink blusher but I found that it was a little too cool for me therefore it looks too pale. They are better as eyeshadows for me.

Copper Diamond is exclusive to the palette and looks like a collection of warm golds and browns. They all came up cool on my skin which I wasn’t expecting but thinking about it now, it makes sense, considering its name. The colours that look brown in the palette look golden on me and they all work well as shimmer eyeshadows. 

Apricot is a collection of brown, white and of course, apricot looking strips, but on the skin the white is a cool gold. I found this one to be the warmest because it is more red/orange, but despite this, it looked gold on me. As a highlighter, I missed out the white-looking shade and found it to be very flattering. They all also work well as eyeshadow shades. This is my favourite out of all the palettes which surprised me.

All the Shimmer Bricks had variable wear time. Sometimes they lasted all day, other times they didn’t but then I tend to touch my face a lot. They all give a very subtle highlight and I find they look best an hour or so after application when they have had a chance to settle into the skin. Bobbi Brown is a brand which focuses on enhancing your natural beauty and this is no exception. The glow is natural, giving you a better version of your own skin. 

I'll probably reach for Rose when I want a pink shimmer on my eyes or to liven up matte pink blusher. I don't think I'll get much use out of Copper Diamond because I already have highlighters and eyeshadows that are similar. I will probably end up using Apricot most often as a highlighter all over my face.

Individual Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks are priced at £35.50 so three highlighters (or 15 shimmer eyeshadows) for £55.00 is good value, especially if you are new to Shimmer Bricks and want to try different shades.

For more information, please visit their website.

You can also purchase the product on Fabled, lookfantastic and Selfridges