Bobbi Brown Face Highlighter


Highlighters are a massive trend I can’t see them going away anytime soon, so brands are constantly reinventing methods for us to add a glow to our skin, and what better time to Glow Up (sorry) than in the summer. Bobbi Brown have created these gorgeous, dinky liquid face highlighters in three shades; Pink, Seashell and Sunlight Bronze. Despite the craze that has swept the beauty world, I feel like I’m not that taken with highlighters, don’t get me wrong, I like them, but I’m not obsessed. So I was a little worried upon swatching these that they would be disco ball crazy, I should have trusted Bobbi better than that. These Highlighters are subtle, but can be built up to your preference, so you could have a subtle sheen or more full on glow depending on your skin tone and what shade you choose. I have two of the three shades, Seashell and Sunlight Bronze. These are housed in very chic tiny black glass pump vials, with the classic Bobbi Brown name along the side in white writing.

Seashell is a pale champagne gold and Sunlight Bronze is a full on bronzy gold tone, both actually suit my skin tone well. These have a silky lightweight texture with light reflecting particles for a natural glow, you can apply these on top of your makeup on the high points of your face, mix it with your moisturiser or foundation for an all over subtle glow.

I really like these for their versatility, Sunlight Bronze is more subtle on me, as it blends in with my skin tone much more, whereas Seashell contrasts my skin tone a little more, and therefore stands out. So I could use either depending on the look and finish I’m going for. Are you highlighter obsessed? Do you prefer liquid or powder?

Bobbi Brown Face Highlighters are priced at £26.00.

For more information, please visit their website.