Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color

I tried hard to avoid the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colors because I knew that if I tried just one, I would be hooked. These Lip Colors claim to have the look of a lipstick but with the feel of a balm. 

I don’t really do lip balms; to me they are a skincare essential, even the tinted ones. Bobbi Brown claims to have packed these lip colours with crushed pigments and combined them with lip-loving ingredients to make a swipe and go product.  They also claim they have a satin-matte finish with colour that doesn’t feather or fade for colour which lasts all day. 

The pigment was what I would expect from a lipstick, not a lipstick/lip balm hybrid, which was incredibly impressive. One swipe gives good colour and they are buildable. They are very, very comfortable to wear, just like a balm and the finish really is a satin-matte. They have that strange Bobbi Brown lipstick scent which I can never seem to get used to but that doesn’t stop me wearing the products.

The colour doesn’t last all day but does last a good few hours so maybe half a working day, unless you eat and drink constantly like me. The way the Crushed Lip Color fades is important. First they lose the shine then the colour gently fades away so you don’t get that horrible naked lip scenario before you retouch.

Angel Crushed Lip Color is what I would call a peachy-coral pink and Bobbi Brown describes it as a soft yellow pink peach.  Either way, it was a little too warm for me as I like my pinks to be very pink and blue-toned. As it wasn't quite the shade for me, it worked best when I applied it then tapped it down using my fingers to give a soft hint of pink for a very natural look. Whilst I could wear it, there are 19 other shades to choose from so I would buy one of those.

Telluride Crushed Lip Color is my current favourite and I find myself wearing it all the time. It is a plummy-brown which Bobbi Brown describes as a red mauve. Perhaps that's why it works so well for me, the mauve being part of my natural lip colouring. Usually I daren't put on such a strong lip colour without using a mirror but with this I can. It just glides on and packs on the colour and if I want to layer it up, I can.  It also leaves a little stain behind which goes towards making it last longer. 

I already have a wish list of the other Crushed Lip Colors I want to try! They are so comfortable to wear, have great colour payoff, are long-lasting and they can easily do both bold and natural looks. They are a little pricey, at £24.00 like the other Bobbi Brown lipsticks but they are completely worth it. 

For more information, please visit their website