Blink Pro Lashes


Blink Pro is a quality lash brand, created by makeup artist Lauren Heaton Booth and her husband, James. They started by supplying directly to beauty professionals but their lashes became so popular that they’re now available for us to buy too. I tried the Gift Set which is priced at £20 and combines the four lash styles on offer in a gift-friendly bag. I like the small details which Blink Pro have thought about, such as the provision of the sleek gift bag and the fact that the box of lashes was wrapped in coordinating pink tissue paper. It surprised me because Blink Pro’s lashes are £5.45 individually, yet the wrapping suggests otherwise. Also a major plus is the fact that Blink Pro use high quality real hair.

Victorious is described as being ‘provocative’, ‘iconic’ and ‘mysterious’. To me, it’s the most dramatic style of the available four, with an alternating pattern of medium, spaced lashes separating very tightly packed longer lashes. The medium lashes which are fewer in density ensure that the look is not overdone by the blocks of longer lashes. It looks very sixties and thus many would desire this style. In particular, I think Victorious would look great teamed with a feline flick and nude waterline.

Similarly, the Greatest false lashes are bold and voluminous. They have a single running style of long lashes which are plentiful and evenly spaced. Of the four styles, this is probably the most classic and a style often seen on the red carpet.

The Breathe lashes are similar to the Victorious ones in the sense that they too have an alternating pattern. However Breathe is less dense, and lends to a more feminine and natural look. Blink Pro are correct in describing this style as being subtle and elegant. Lastly are the  Promise lashes, which are my favourite of the crop, because they fulfil their promise in delivering a beautifully natural finish. The hairs on this style look assuredly natural and use a variety of hair lengths (mostly long) in a random order. I felt confident wearing these lashes during the day because they looked like my own, but better. Worn alone, they offer a natural look, and worn with a cat eye can offer a refined, defined and delicate look.

Overall I felt that Blink Pro’s lashes offered a high quality look without the luxury price tag. Thanks to the tutorial provided on their website, I found the lashes very easy to apply using the glue provided. The glue strip is thin and unnoticeable. These lashes say ‘reusable’ on the packets but after testing this out, for me I would probably use them three to four times at the most, however those reuses are definitely there. Also, the false lashes didn’t feel too heavy and didn’t look overly false. I would definitely recommend Blink Pro’s lashes- perfect for beginners and pros alike whilst maintaining affordability.

For more information about Blink Pro please visit the website.

This article was originally published on brownbeautytalk.