BlackUp Matte Liquid Lipcolor

BlackUp Matte Liquid Lipcolor is a range of liquid lip stains that are definitely meant to turn heads. Available in a range of very vibrant shades, the brand claims the lip stains can provide an even, matte finish in just one application.

These lip stains are described as dramatic and it pretty much does what it says on the tin when it comes to making an impact with your makeup. None of the shades are what I would personally use for a day-to-day look, or even for a night out. But if you aren’t afraid of bold colours then this is a fun collection to play around with.

The formula includes sesame seed oil and other natural oils to help create the gliding gel texture and I found I was able to apply the product with ease. I also liked that the product felt smooth and light-weight on my lip and it also dried quite quickly making it easier to avoid smudging.

The highly pigmented shades really do make their mark with just one layer of application, but I found that I used two to three strokes to get a truly even finish.

LM01 is a very beige shade that could be warmed up with a lip liner but it basically made my lips look ashy when applied alone. While LM02 is a very vibrant orange shade that would be loved by ladies who enjoy wearing a strong pop of colour on their lips.

LM03 is a brilliantly bright pink while LM04 is a vibrant purple shade for those who are feeling brave. I felt LM05 is a very striking red hue that is sure to get you noticed but far too bright for my liking.

LM07 and LM08 are quite similar brown shades but 07 has a dark purple under tone, while 08 has is a deep brown shade that will be liked by those who are fans of lime Crime’s Salem or Color Pop’s limbo. And LM09 is a dark blue shade with a purple undertone that is similar to shades I’ve seen make-up lovers sport in pictures and photoshoots.

While the brand suggests applying a dark shade on the lip contour and a lighter shade in the heart of the lip to achieve an ombre lip, I didn’t really feel like the colours worked well together for that trick.

I think these lip stains would only appeal to makeup lovers who adore truly vibrant shades, but even they might be more tempted to find these colours at a slightly cheaper price. However, the quality of the formula means that the BlackUp Lipcolour could be worth a try.

BlackUp Matte Liquid Lipcolor is priced at £26.50

For more information, please visit their website.