blackUp Invisible Eyebrow Fixer

BlackUp is a luxury beauty brand that caters to women of colour by creating products which respect the unique nature of ethnic skin as well celebrating beauty. The Eyebrow Fixer is a transparent holding gel which promises to create a natural looking brow that boasts professional quality hold.

The fixer comes in a small travel size tube and features an “ergonomic styling brush” to help you apply the gel. This is a product aimed at those who want to discipline their brows without troubling any make-up worn underneath.

I wore it after I filled in my brows with both a pencil and a brow powder and it worked just as well with both types of brow makeup. I really appreciated the non-sticky formula because it made cleaning up any over spill very easy and meant I was able to avoid messing up the makeup I had applied.

However, I did find the size of the brush slightly annoying. It almost felt like having such a small brush head meant I ended up putting on more product than I would like too and this meant it ended up with a stiff finish when it dried out.

With that said, I didn’t ever need to touch up the gel at any point of the day when I was wearing it, and it really did help to keep my brows nice and structured. The fact the product is travel size and handbag friendly means you’ll never struggle to keep it around in your handbag, clutch or even just tucked into your pocket to ensure you can touch upif needed.

And the matte finish is especially great if you want to just step out with your natural brows rather the usual full on ‘fleek’ look. The product is odourless and a little can go a long way if you are careful with application and able to limit waste.

While I don’t’ think this is the best brow gel on the market, it could be good for those with unruly brows due to the strong hold finish.

blackUp Invisible Eyebrow Fixer is priced at £16.00.

For more information, please visit their website.