blackUp Strobing Stick

I was excited to try the blackUp Strobing Stick because the brand can be trusted to create to products in shades and textures that work well for brown beauties. The stick is part of the French brand’s range of contouring products and promises to give skin a subtle touch of light. The company says the Strobing Stick has been especially developed with well-balanced of pigments and pearls to give an instant healthy glow effect.

I first tried the Strobing Stick over some concealer to create a simple every day glow. When I applied the highlight directly onto my cheek, I could tell I had been too heavy handed which is easy to do thanks to the tube shape of the product.

While the product being in a small tube made it easy to carry around in my makeup bag, I found that I preferred to apply the product with a brush and slowly build up the amount on sheen I desired on my cheek, nose and brow bone.

The cream to powder formula means it is a highly pigmented product which creates a strong, shimmery finish but can still be blended out as much as you desire. I also appreciated the fact the fragrance-free formula is enriched with natural oils such as Argan oil, cotton seed oil and linseed oil to help stop the product from having a dry or ashy finish.

The stick comes in three shades and I tried Strobs 02 which is a lovely golden champagne tone. However, I did personally wish the formula was slightly less glittery. My next application was over my foundation for a night out and I did agree that it wasn’t an ashy finish like some of the products from other brands have been but it did disturb my foundation when applied directly from stick to skin.

As someone with very oily skin, I often shy away from highlighters but I did enjoy the way this product helped to add a luminous glow to my look. I opted to just add a subtle sheen, but this is definitely one to add to your collection if you enjoy a bold strobe effect.

The Strobing Stick does what it says on the tin and I was impressed with how well the shade does blend into a brown skin tone. It lasted for a few hours before the oil on my face took over but for those with dry or combination skin, you could find it lasts much longer.

I don’t know if it’s necessarily worth the price because you could probably find a similar shade for less elsewhere, however a little goes a long way and this product could really last a long meaning you would regret having parted with your money for it.

blackUp Strobing Stick is priced at £26.50.

For more information, please visit their website.