blackUp Strobing Primer 

While I thought it was quite intriguing that blackUP decided to create a primer to help emphasise the strobing technique, I didn’t quite know what to expect from it. The primer is designed to specifically prepare the skin of women of brown beauties for the application of the blackUp Strobing Stick and the French beauty brand claims it can help to boost radiance as well as improve your skin’s hold of the product. It also promises to blur imperfections and create a subtly luminous complexion.

I really liked the black and gold packaging and the primer comes in a sleek looking tube with a pump at the end.  I enjoyed the subtle floral fragrance as I spread it onto my face and I was instantly impressed by the primer because it really did help make my skin “subtly heated and sublimated.”  I couldn’t help but think the actual product basically looks like liquid bronzer.

My face had a nice glow which almost made me feel like I didn’t need to bother with the concealer I normally apply for my everyday ‘natural’ look. I definitely suggest using this primer as a boost to dull skin when you want to rock a minimal look but need to add some life to your complexion.

When I applied my foundation over the primer I was happy to discover it really does help to improve the skin’s hold of products. The almost tacky texture meant my foundation set with a flawless finish and the underlying glow made my highlight shine even brighter.

I felt the effects of the primer lasted for a good few hours every time I wore it, but the natural oiliness of my face did start to affect it eventually. This has actually become my go-to primer at the moment because I feel like it brings life to my skin no matter what makeup look I’m going for.

The company suggest you can even mix the primer with your foundation for a luminous glow and picture perfect finish but I don’t think that’s a trick to use if you suffer from oily skin like myself. This product is pretty pricey compared to other brands which can also mattify the skin, but the fact it is formulated for brown beauties and gives a healthy glow rather than an ashy/silicone base makes me think it is worth every penny.

blackUp Strobing Primer is priced at £29.50. 

For more information, please visit their website.