black|Up Paris Radiance Concealer

black|Up Paris Radiance Concealer is a lightweight luminous product used to brighten up the under eye area, black|Up has specially designed this so it won’t appear ashy on deep skin tones. The brand state that the formula is infused with peptides to help strengthen the fragile capillaries under the eyes and reduce puffiness.

Even though the shade I was sent was too light for me, I realised I have used this concealer before, and even repurchased it a couple of times. I really liked this concealer, and can vouch that it definitely did not make me ashy, and was very brightening to my complexion, and lasted well all day without oxidising, but I cannot comment on the effectiveness of the skincare claims with regards to any peptides in the formula.

The thing I didn’t like about it, is that at 1.5ml I was getting through it quite quickly, could be I was applying a lot, but I’ve not had this particular issue with other concealers and at £25.00 it’s not exactly cheap.

For more information about black|Up Paris, please visit their website.