blackUp Paris False Eyelashes


Hip hip hooray, the hibernation period is over and February aka the awards season is here. Time to shrug off the shawls, grab your party frocks and heel and get partying. False eyelashes are an essential fashion accessory to compliment you makeup look as it gives a flirty and pretty look if worn properly. blackUp Paris have a selection of pretty false eyelashes to suit every lady. From the fine natural looking ones to the dramatic statement. I personally like my false lashes to be thick and full, so I would go for false eyelashes number 05 or 06 for a night out. These two are thicker and fuller than the rest of the false eyelashes. They make a significant statement on the eye, giving you a hypnotic look.

If you are someone like me who is fond of wearing false eyelashes on a daily basis but wants something a lot more natural looking then black up false eyelashes number 01, 02, 03, and 04 would be perfect for you. This selection is fine and natural looking. Plus they have less density than the rest but will still give a pretty statement eye makeup look, which is akin to the girl next door look. This collection is very lightweight so you literally won't feel like you have false lashes on.

These eyelashes are very comfortable and flexible to wear through the day for an intense and deep look right up to the tips of the lashes. They are quick and easy to apply, so perfect for any lady with even basic makeup skills. They are a good investment in terms of efficiency because they are so high quality you can reuse them more than 20 times, and also great value for money at £15 each.

For more information, please visit their website.