blackUp Gel Eyebrow Powder Waterproof Mat & Brush

The blackUp Gel Eyebrow Powder Waterproof Mat & Brush is the type of product that I always love to try. I immediately appreciated the fact the brush and the gel are attached to either end of the stick because it means it’s easy to carry around and use on the go.

The company describes it as a no-transfer brow gel with an ultra-gliding formula which fills and defines brows. The angular brush is a dense and perfectly sized for application, but it almost feels ever so slightly too big for the twist off gel pot in which the formula is held.

The packaging features helpful illustrations which explain how to best apply the brow gel. Using a small amount of product on the brush, I drew a thin line at the top and bottom of my brow line. Then I fill in the brown from the bottom to the centre of your brow and then from the top down to the centre.

The cream-to-powder formula glides on with ease and technique mixed with the brush definitely provides a matte finish, but I found that the finish was a bit too ‘painted on’ for my liking. I usually prefer a natural but defined brow but I’m sure this product would be great for anyone who loves a strong brow.

I tried Gel01 which is a dark brown shade while the other shade on offer appears to be black. I have to admit I would prefer if there were a few more shade options to ensure all customers can find the perfect colour match.

I was impressed with the formula none the less because my brows stayed in place all day and the colour didn’t fade or smudge. The formula is also free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates which is always good to know.

This is a great brow product to test out and add to your makeup bag if you are fan of promades but don’t like to carry around a brush and pot during the day. Due to the lack of other shade options, I would strongly suggest having a look in stores before you purchase, but this is a great brow product for those who want something that last and doesn’t budge.

blackUp Gel Eyebrow Powder Waterproof Mat & Brush is priced at £24.50

For more information, please visit their website.