Benecos Shiny Lip Colour and Natural Lip Liner


Natural cosmetic brand Benecos started in 2008 in Germany with the aim of making natural cosmetics accessible to all. Another brand that has yet to create complexion shades for women of colours, Benecos have a wide range of colour cosmetics, two of which we have had a chance to review. The Shiny Lip Colour contains Castor Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil which forms a cross between a lipgloss and a lip balm placed in the ever popular large pencil packaging. I tried the colour, Shiny Tulip is a red which leans to orange. The formula provides a sheen rather than a shine and hardly any colour is deposited on pigmented. The colour is not really buildable and the texture is very balm like.

I also tried the Natural Lip Liner in Red. I love this lip pencil. It is hard enough to be easy to apply to the lips without dragging over the skin. It is great for filling in the lips completely and is a great colour to wear by itself. It has the texture of a matte lippie so it has pretty good wear and does not transfer as much when worn by itself.

The colour itself is a pretty neutral red (not super blue, not too orange) so it will work well with deeper and fairer complexions. I love wearing it as a colour on it’s own but it is a great base for the Benecos Natural Shiny Lip Colour or any other lip colour you choose to use.

Benecos is available from selected online retailers.

For more information please visit the website.

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