Benecos Lipstick


I have always been leaning towards only using products featuring natural ingredients when it comes to lips, so I was intrigued to see if Benecos would impress enough to become a permanent addition to my make-up bag. I tried their natural lipstick in shade Watermelon which was a vibrant pinkish red hue that would provide a pleasant pop of colour on most skin tones. As expected, the lipstick has a very soft and creamy texture which really does feel very hydrating. I felt like the lipstick was very comfortable compared to some other drying products I have tried and it sat on the lip without adding any weight. It provided a high level of moisture thanks to the jojoba essential oil and it almost felt like a lip balm while I was applying it.

This lipstick has a light to medium level of coverage that can be built up on your lips thanks to impressive pigmentation. It also provides a nice sheen without looking too glossy. You definitely get the best result when using a brush and lip liner would be a good way to maintain lasting colour for daily wear.

I wore the lipstick for a coffee meeting and it did fade quite a lot after a few sips of tea, but nothing a quick reapply couldn’t fix. I was most impressed with the fact my lips didn’t feel as dry and chapped as they usually do after a few hours of lipstick wear. Overall I would recommend this product for those who are keen to use makeup created with natural ingredients but don’t want to sacrifice vibrant colour.

Benecos Natural Lipstick is priced at £6.95.

For more information, please visit their website.