Make-Up Girl About Town - Becca Beach Tints


Anna Durston is a make-up artist who has been in the industry for 15 years. She has become exposed to a wide variety of beauty products on the market and one of them is Becca Beach Tint. As a make-up artist and hairdresser I am lucky enough to be sent products to try out. Some products you know well and instantly get put in your kit, some are growers and some are instant hits. In amongst a box full of goodies I found Becca’s Beach Tint in Dragonfruit, a vibrant yet subtle pink with a hint of coral. An instant hit.

Beach Tint is a water resistant colour for cheeks and lips, it’s wonderfully matt and has great staying power. I mostly used it for lips and it's wonderful on its own or as a base for adding lip gloss. On cheeks it really came into its own on set as it stayed put even under strong, hot photographic lights.

I have worn this product myself for these very reasons. My skin has a tendency to become slightly oily over the course of the day and as I’m busy making sure everyone else looks great I rarely find the time to keep touching up my own make up. Both as a lip and cheek tint I can honestly say Becca’s Beach Tint lasts the day.

As a woman of colour I find that the trickiest thing for finding a great lip colour is the tone. Some lipsticks (especially pinks) look great before you put them on but in fact turn out to be wishy washy, pale, sparkly (eughh) or draining. Not the case here, this product is a perfect compliment to my skin tone.

Becca’s Beach Tint comes in eight colours, ranging from the subtle Fig, a light brown to the more vibrant Papaya and Raspberry. You can apply Beach Tint really easily, straight from the tube using your fingers to apply. No need for brushes. The texture is soft allowing you to build up colour for a more intense look. This is a must have.

Becca"s Beach Tint is available exclusively at Space NK.

For more information please visit the Becca website.