beautyblender liquid blendercleanser

As any dedicated fan of the beautyblender knows, it needs to be washed and left to dry daily. There is always a debate on whether a dedicated sponge or makeup brush cleanser should be used. Some might say their usual shampoo, baby shampoo or shower gel does the job. Some may even say washing up liquid is ok!

I prefer to use a dedicated cleanser. In my mind, they should be formulated specially to break down and wash away makeup products without damaging the tools you are cleaning. I buy liquid cleanser from the same brand as my most expensive tool because I assume that the cleanser is tested on that tool.

The beautyblender liquid blendercleanser has been made especially for soaking out tough stains, presumably for those like me who just don't have the time to do it everyday (and who are not professionals). It claims that it "removes excess residue and germs". That is a basic ask of any soap or cleanser and doesn’t really differentiate it from the aforementioned baby shampoo or shower gel.

Another claim is that the demineralised water (aqua) and sea salt (Maris Salts) are included to "detoxify and absorb toxins". That's more like it! I don’t think "normal" soaps necessarily set out to do that.

This cleanser left my hands a little dry (full disclosure - I also live in a hard water area) so have cream to hand if you also have dry skin. The liquid blendercleanser has a scent which was familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint it. Turns out it comes from lavender oil to provide "aromatherapy benefits" to the beautyblender. I'm not sure why a makeup sponge needs aromatherapy though.

On applying the blendercleanser to my damp beautyblender and giving it a good massage, I got most of the foundation out of it but not all which was a tad disappointing. I then had to try the soaking method which got some more out but not all of it. Well, at least it has been detoxified.

The beautyblender liquid blendervleanser costs £15.00 for 150mls. Despite the soaking method not quite working for me, I might still buy this. I say "might" rather than "would" because I am quite attached to my premium-branded liquid cleanser and they are at a similar price point. If I buy a beautyblender, it's likely that I'd order the blendercleanser too.

The beautyblender liquid blendercleanser is priced at £15.00.

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