Beautyblender Blotterazzi

The BeautyBlender Blotterazzi claims to be the first washable, re-usable alternative to blotting paper. I think that all depends on how you use your makeup sponges. I have used makeup sponges to blot before, as well as to apply powder which is their intended use. I think the Blotterazzi is therefore the first sponge made specifically to blot.

Unlike the BeautyBlender, the Blotterazzi is used dry. It claims to gently lift oils from the skin without disturbing makeup. It is a hot-pink, flat, egg-shaped sponge which does, as claimed, fit nicely on the areas around eyelids and sides of the nose. The case is a good size in pearlescent white with ventilation holes which houses two sponges separated by a plastic sheet that says, "keep me". It also has a good-sized mirror.

I have dry skin but for some reason my nose gets very oily throughout the day. My forehead also begins to shine but that could be due to my hair products. I used the pointy end for my nose and the wider end for my forehead. Foundation ended up on the sponge so clearly some makeup was disturbed. The result was not ultra-matte which you would get with powder covered blotting paper (which I avoid as you can see the powder on my skin). It left more of a natural shine, slightly shinier than after using tea tree oil blotting paper.

I found that the sponge was best at soaking up facial sweat after a commute involving packed trains, buses and tubes. Yes, I said sweat. No point in messing around and called it a "glow" or "shimmer" or whatever. I'm sure blotting paper would fail but Blotterazzi, being a sponge, neatly and prettily soaked it all up.

BeautyBlender say that that each sponge will last 60 days when cleaned in BlenderCleanser and allowed to air dry. I think that’s quite good as you'll get 120 days of blotting for £16 which would nicely get me through summer. If you're used to using high-end blotting paper, this might be a marginally cheaper alternative. If not, it feels much more sophisticated and neat than standard blotting paper (or a standard makeup sponge). It's also a lot more fun and you get so much more for your money. Who can resist a hot pink blotter? I can't, so I would purchase this product.

Beautyblender Blotterazzi is priced at £16.00.

For more information, please visit their website.