Beauty Resolutions to Keep All Year


It’s a new year which means new beginnings, new products and resolutions, of course. Instead of setting the same old goals about getting up early to go to the gym, becoming fluent in French and giving up chocolate/wine/cheese/all of the above, why not come up with resolutions that you will actually want to keep? There’s no rule that resolutions have to be boring, so why not set some beauty resolutions? You’ll definitely want to keep them. Here are a few beauty resolutions to keep all year.

Try switching up the feature you play up. If you always enhance your eyes with lashings of mascara and a cat eye, try a bold lip. You could even enhance your cheeks with bold blusher. You don’t have to give up your cat eye completely, but if you try a new look, you might be surprised how much you actually like it.

Master at least one new beauty technique. Do you have no clue how to apply false lashes? Do you love contouring but have no idea how to fake razor-sharp cheekbones? Choose something you want to master, and practice it until you do it so well you can do it in your sleep.

Use what’s in your makeup bag. It seems simple. Too simple. How often do you keep buying new products and when you eventually get around to cleaning out your makeup bag, you realise that you have three identical mascaras and five very similar eyeliners. Use what you have and you can put your money towards buying actual new products.

Find another signature lip colour. Do you have a signature shade of red lipstick that you bulk buy? You don’t have to give it up, but try finding another lip product you love just as much. You could stick with red, or you could look for a pink, berry or nude.

Don’t forget about basics. Colourful eyeshadows and lip glosses distract us from beauty necessities like a perfect foundation and a good cleanser, but don’t forget about them completely. Make sure your arsenal is well-stocked with use-everyday products.

Learn more about makeup brushes. The way you apply your makeup is just as important as the products you use. Take some time to learn about the different types of brushes and sponges. Once you’ve mastered brushes 101, you may even decide to invest in a few.

Remember that makeup is all about enhancing your features. Do you have a makeup mantra? If it’s something along the lines of “cover up the dark circles and try to look awake” you might want to reconsider it. Think that you are using makeup to enhance your pretty eye colour or your full lips, and it will change the way you apply the products.

Come March, you’ll see that you’ve been more successful adhering to these than giving up chocolate.