Beauty Idol: Florence Adepoju from MDMflow


Florence Adepoju is the founder of MDMflow which is a lipstick brand that she started last year when she was fresh out of University. She used her educational background in cosmetic science to combine her love and influences in post 90s hiphop culture and fashion to create this dynamite of a brand.

What made you decide to set up your own beauty business?

During the four years I studied my BSC in Cosmetic Science at London College of Fashion I worked for every luxury cosmetic brand that I could have potentially ended up working for upon graduation. I was completely over the industry and over the fact that there is no beauty brand that I feel fully encompasses the urban woman. So when I graduated I decided to create the brand of my dreams.

What is the concept behind MDMflow?

MDMflow is late 90s - early 2000s hiphop inspired. I wanted to create a brand that encompassed the glamourous aspect of hiphop as well as the "do what you want" attitude. I think this period in hiphop is when many artists had the most commercial value giving them the opportunity to be themselves on a grand scale. That's what I want MDMflow to be for our customer, provide her with blue, black, purple lipsticks for when she wants to wear it. Not a brand that is dictated to by trends and the general consensus.

What sort of research did you do to find out what sort of lipsticks your customers wanted to buy?

Initially I made the lipsticks for myself and made colours I wanted and liked, now I have built a small following over social media, MDMflow girls can speak to me directly and tell me what they want. I read every tweet, post and comment, I post behind the scene photos of when I'm experimenting with colours and textures and I try and create a product development process that includes my customers the whole while.

Your branding is very striking, how did you decide on the look and feel of the brand?

That again is down to the hiphop element and the fact that I have only ever worn gold jewellery. Being Nigeria has probably got something to do with it too.

What are your future plans for MDMflow?

I want to bring out more products and reach more ladies, I definitely see this as a global brand.

What are your favourite beauty products?

My favourite blushers are Nars Exhibit A and Nars Taj Mahal. I couldn't live without Bioderma and Armani Face Fabric is my guilty pleasure.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to set up their own beauty business?

You definitely need a USP (unique selling point), think about what your brands provides that is new, don't be afraid to do things differently. I am also a big believer in mentors and role models, it's a quicker process if you learn from other peoples mistakes.

For more information about MDMflow please visit their website.