The Beauty Box Queens

The market is flowing with beauty boxes for Women of Colour; from Be Box to We Are Onyx to curlBOX to GlowwBox and now new kid on the block, KARIF.. Every month these carefully wrapped up boxes are delivered to the home of beauty lovers who are introduced to exciting new brands or reunited with loved ones. We decided to ask founders of beauty boxes about the items that they would love to see in their own beauty box if they were gifted with one. Elsa KARIF newElsa N. Arauz is the founder of KARIF which launched last month.

My ideal beauty box is a box that can predict my beauty needs at the moment. These needs may revolve around a look I'm trying to achieve at the moment, a hairstyle I need to maintain or something seasonal. Ideally beauty box would contain the following items.

Eyelashes Falsies are always a girl's best friend. Forget what they tell you about diamonds, false eyelashes can take any look from blah to fierce in seconds (or minutes, depending on how long it takes you to get them).

Natural Based Hair Oils My hair is relaxed but I proudly rely on natural oils such as coconut, olive and avocado oils to keep my strands strong and healthy. Any hair product with a nice natural oil mix would work for me.

Four Colour Nude Eyeshadow Palette A nice eyeshadow palette with a combination of shimmery, matte and creamy nude shades are always a go to for me.

Make-up Remover It's kinda difficult to find good eye makeup remover that will eradicate everything you have on your face while refreshing your skin.

Mascara Brush Set They probably haven't even invented mascara with a multi-brush set yet, but I'm a dreamer and I'm pretty sure someone out there is working on it. If you're beauty adventurous like me, you will know that the reason why we don't achieve great results is not because of the mascara's formula, but because of the brush and not one-brush fits all.

Chantelle Glowwbox_newChantell Cameron is the co-founder of Glowwbox.

I have an eight month old who is is at that stage where he wants to be permanently stuck to my hip so there's quite a few days where I don’t get to pamper myself or do my face up. Along with work, my days are filled with baby activities, so taking a shower is like a day in the spa, so if there is any way I can pamper my skin - I’ll try. These are the items that I would like to see in my beauty box.

Eye Pencil Currently I'm all about eyebrows at the moment and I would personally like to try to create the perfect brow.

Lipstick or Lipgloss I always like my lips to be glossed up at a minimum so I would always love a nice lippie or lipgloss.

Hair Moisturiser or Serum I naturally have really curly hair so finding products that keep the curls moist but are not greasy and bouncy with no frizz is pretty hard. I have a few favourites but I’m always up for trying a new moisturiser, curl activator or serum.

Body Cleanser I would love to be surprised with something that’s hydrating and leaves my skin silky smooth with a really lush fragrance.

Tosin newTosin Ade is the founder of Be Box.

It's always difficult to think of the ideal products to put in my ideal beauty box, after all that's what I and the team try to achieve each month. Trust me it's more difficult than it seems. After all one month, I might be obsessing over the perfect nail colour and another month, searching for the quintessential shade of lipstick in May. It's a never ending exploration - for a woman at least. However right now, my ideal summer products would be focused on working with the God given aesthetic that we all have to work with on a daily basis. Think this is broken into three main areas: lips, skin and hair.

Moisturiser You could never underestimate the beauty of a solid lip moisturiser or a popping lip colour for us women of colour.

Skincare Product At Be Box we always strive to include a good skincare product that hopefully all of our subscribers can utilise in the best possible way for them. We have had some great brands which I use regularly including Agese Oils which is just perfect to give my skin that extra glow in dull weather, which we have a lot of in the UK. Another new favourite is Isa Marie mud masks, which after using for a couple of weeks, I personally requested that we include this product in our March Be Box.

Hair Care Product Lastly hair. It's always a complicated subject, more so, as I am just as guilty as the next about experimenting. From my natural tresses to my weaved extensions to my braided box braids, so a beauty box which has a mixture of products suited and according to my hairstyle that month would be perfect! Otherwise I think haircare is at its best when you look after the first thing that grows from your scalp, not just the extras and honestly products that are tried and tested for me have to be Mane Divas, new brand The Realness which is made from Mangoes, which is a refreshing break from the ever exhausted Shea Butter and I was very happy when we managed to secure Giovanni. My hair loves their products.