Beauty Boulevard Divine Hydra-Gel Gold Radiance Neck Mask

For some reason I tend to neglect my neck when it comes to moisturising. Should it be part of my face routine or my body routine? I was therefore looking forward to giving my neck some hydration. The Beauty Boulevard Hydra-Gel Gold Radiance Neck Mask promises to be tightening and hydrating, minimise lines, be re-energising and it also has antioxidant properties.

It claims to visibly help your skin look younger, to help premature ageing due to dryness, boost the skin's moisture content, help prevent moisture loss, give a collagen boost, have ingredients which penetrate the epidermis and deliver ingredients deeper into the skin's layers. That's a lot!

There were two masks in the packet. They were individually packaged in trays so you can use two in one week for a full "course". I didn’t use them like this and I'll explain why.

The mask is made in clear glitter jelly, rather than being a tissue mask. It is in a tray with liquid but the liquid gets left behind when you pull the mask out. I found it curled up and stuck together so I had to spend time uncurling it. The instructions say to lie down and relax for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of four hours.

Imagine lying in one place, for four hours but not sleeping? I couldn’t do it. I managed about an hour. In that time, even if I turned my head slightly, the mask would slip. The final step is to remove the mask and massage any excess serum into the skin. I found this bizarre as all the excess serum was left in the tray, and there was a lot of it.

My neck didn’t feel deeply hydrated, which was what I was expecting, especially after all the claims that were made. I thought I had somehow incorrectly used the mask. I tried again and the same thing happened.

I found this mask to be very fiddly to use, impractical and ineffective. I was very disappointed and I would not purchase these Beauty Boulevard Hydra-Gel Gold Radiance Neck Masks.

Beauty Boulevard Divine Hydra-Gel Gold Radiance Neck Mask is priced at £14.50.

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