Beauty BLVD Star Dust Face, Body and Hair Glitter Kit

If you’re in the market for amping up your look, then you may love the Beauty BLVD Star Dust Face, Body and Hair Glitter Kits. These are small kits of different sizes of glitter, binding gel, and an application brush that allow you to create unique looks that would be great for the pending festive season. 

The Star Dust Glitter Kits are designed for you to use on your body, face and hair and will definitely stand out in any look. I found the glitters to be quite simple to apply on top of the glitter glue they provided in the kit and with the small brush (although in the hair I’d say just sprinkle a little using your fingers). However, if you’re one that likes a precise application and non-messy application, then you may not necessarily enjoy these as I ended up with glitter chunks all around me. 

I was quite impressed with how well the glitter stayed on my skin when using the glitter glue. In fact, there was no fall out once I had applied it, which means it’s definitely something that can be worn for a day or night of partying without the fuss. The glitter is quite easy to remove too – it comes off very easily in the shower with soap and water and I didn’t experience any skin irritations. 

These are great kits to have at home for party occasions, although do store them well otherwise you’ll end up with a glitter mess. 

Beauty BLVD Star Dust Face, Body and Hair Glitter Kit is priced at £12.50.

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