beauty blender liner.designer

I am not very good at doing winged eyeliner so I had high hopes for the beautyblender liner.designer. It is a small and soft three-sided tool which looks like a plectrum, designed to act as a guide when applying eyeliner and lip products. It comes in a compact case with a magnifying mirror, a removeable suction cup and a look book showcasing six ways to use the liner.designer. I stuck the compact to my dressing table mirror so I could use the magnifying mirror.

I tried using it to do a cat eye flick but it was too fiddly as either the liner.designer or my fingers got in the way. I then tried to wing out the bottom lash line and found the liner was helpful as to where to place the line so it would be parallel to the top liner. When it came to drawing the line though, I found it too fiddly again. Although I tried to use it to thicken my eyeliner, even though I don’t need help in that department.

As I failed at standard winged eyeliner, the triple wing was particularly difficult. However, if you get the first line nicely in place, the liner.designer is good to help you draw the other lines. Just make sure the liner dries before you move to the next line to avoid getting into a smudgy situation. 

I particularly liked using it as a mascara defender as I always get it on my eyelids, no matter what I try. Not only did it prevent this, it also helped to curl my lashes as I stroked the mascara on. Bottom lashes are usually a bit of a nightmare unless using a mascara designed for them but with the liner.designer, there is no need for that. This is certainly my favourite way to use the tool. Finally, it can be used to line the lips just beyond the lip line but I didn’t find it helpful at all for that.

I love the guide, the compact, the way it sticks to my mirror and that it solved one of my biggest beauty issues (the mascara problem). The compact is very good quality and the whole package is a good idea but it was too fiddly most of the time. Perhaps I need practise. It retails for £14 which I think is reasonable. 

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