Beauty Is...


There have been quite a few films about the beauty of Women of Colour such as Good Hair and Dark Girls and Beauty Is... is the latest one in the line. The film looks at the topic of beauty from a Pan African perspective through a frank collection of personal and group interviews. It examines the risks caused by chemical straighteners and skin bleaching and offers insights on conditions like vitiligo and alopecia whilst discussing the impact of biased media on children and personal relationships. Factors that affect our self image such as education, schooling, the media, dating and relationships are also taken into account. Plus the controversial topic of skin bleaching and the 'light skin - dark skin' debate is tackled. Beauty Is... forms part of a global project to help rebuild the confidence and awareness of Women in Colour on the diversity of natural beauty.

There is a screening of the film on Saturday 26 April 2014 which will be followed by a debate that will attempt to deal with some of the deeper philosophical, political and spiritual questions about beauty. It takes place at SOAS University.

If you can't make this one don't worry because there are quite a few more screenings lined up. You can find all the details on the Beauty Is... website.