Batiste 2in1 Invisible Dry Shampoo and Conditioner

I used Batiste dry shampoo for the fist time a few years ago when I had a weave. It had been a hectic week and I could not be bothered to wash and condition it so it was time to do a bit of dry shampooing. The results were a bit of a mini disaster because my weave was left with a thick film of the white stuff. I must have spent at least 30 minutes trying to brush it out. I never went near a dry shampoo after that. That is until I got an invite from Batiste to try out their new all improved formula - Batiste 2in1 Invisible Dry Shampoo and Conditioner.

Batiste 2in1 is made for dry, textured, dry and coloured hair and it refreshes your roots and nourishes your ends. After a press day where they demoed the product on different models with different textured hair, my interest was piqued. So I decided to give it a go.

I sprayed it on my hair and one thing I noticed was that it had a wet texture as opposed to dry one that the previous product had. It left my hair moisturised and with a lot more bounce. My once flat and lifeless weave now had a lot more movement - plus it smelt lovely. I would say that this product is great to tied you over for a few days if you are at a festival or during the end of the week and need to delay your wash day. The product will give you a few days grace.

The brand have clearly thought about the use of these product because it comes in a wide variety of scents and is also made in a mini version that will fit into your handbag  Batiste 2in1 is not something I would use on natural hair but it is perfect if you are wearing a wig or weave.

Batiste 2in1 Invisible Dry Shampoo and Conditioner is priced at £4.49.

For more information, please visit their website.