Barry M Mango Lip Scrub

Barry M is a vegan friendly cosmetic brand that is readily available on the British High Street. They have a lot of makeup products including many I love. The Lip Scrubs have Vitamin E and Olive Oil anti-oxidants to help prevent skin damage and oils such as avocado and jojoba for hydration and softening benefits. The scrubs are available in two scents: Mango and Peppermint and also provide gentle exfoliation.

The Mango Lip Scrub felt very gritty but wasn’t harsh on my skin. It’s a ‘dry’ scrub so it’s mostly scrub and oils without lotions/cream which I actually prefer because you can feel how gritty the scrub is.  I simply used a small amount and rubbed it over my lips to exfoliate them. The scrub worked well and helped to get rid of the dead skin cells. It left my lips softer and hydrated which was perfect for matte liquid lipstick application as it made it easier for lip balms and other lip treatments to penetrate better into the lips 

The Barry M Mango Lip Scrub is perfect for weekly treatments as over-exfoliation can actually lead to irritated lips, I used this Lip Scrub weekly or as and when it was needed. The scent is very pleasant but doesn’t linger and the scrub tastes yummy too. Prior to receiving this product I wasn’t really interested in lip scrubs but after trying this, I am officially in love.

Barry M Mango Lip Scrub is priced at £4.99.

For more information, please visit their website.