Barry M Baked Tri-Blend Highlighter

Barry M is an affordable drugstore brand with lots of products on offer. In fact I remember buying one of my first lipsticks and blush from Barry M. Fast forward to now and they have a wide range of products on offer: liquid lipsticks, highlighters, nail polishes and as well as the Baked Tri-Blend Highlighter.

The Baked Tri-Blend Highlighter is very finely milled and blends easily into the skin and over powder. I like it because it doesn’t have chunks of glitter and it isn’t too glittery. It gives my skin a luminous subtle glow. It’s not as pigmented as I would like after blending it into but it can easily be built up without looking streaky or highlighting texture on the skin. 

I have the shades Bronze Deco and Silver Solstice. The Tri-Blend formula means each ‘palette’ has three complimentary shades that can be used individually or swirled together.

I prefer Bronze Deco as it has gold/bronze shades that look amazing on my skin tone. I would recommend this for dark skin although the Silver Solstice shade looks great on my skin too. Silver Solstice is made up of pinks/silver shades. It has the same subtle finish as Bronze Deco and I actually like the pink highlighter shade.

I tend to lean away from the silver high shade in this palette as it can look ashy on my skin tone. The middle shade in Silver Solstice is actually a very beautiful gold, comparable to the middle gold shade in Bronze Deco without the subtle simmer. My verdict is that I love this highlighter.

Barry M Baked Tri-Blend Highlighter is priced at £6.49.

For more information, please visit their website.