balmi Lip Balms


Lip balms are a must have when it comes to looking after your lips, and to avoid getting them chapped you should always carry one in your purse. Gone are the days when we settled for a tube of Vaseline, not caring about the flavour or which ingredients were included. These days, with everything organic and natural being deemed cool, lip balms are taking the hip high road. Check out balmi, a UK company based in Manchester that created their first lip balm in 2010 to a lot of acclaim. Their lip balm comes in a cool, small square lip that is so on-trend and has everyone raving. balmi lip balms come in five flavours including strawberry, raspberry, coconut, mint and blackcurrant. They are packed full of nourishing goodness such as Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E for super soft lips regardless of the weather. The best thing about these balms is is that not only are they easy to carry in your purse, they also contains SPF 15 and UVA protection, so you are completely protected form the sun. They make your lips feel soft and leave you with a lovely shine. Needless to say they are also very moisturising, which helps a lot as you don't require frequent application.

However, I think balmi's USP is that they have a very playful feel that's works with every age group. The funky bright colour of the packaging and the key ring string at the bottom (which can be taken off as per preference) makes a great key ring accessory. My favourite flavour is the Mint because it smells fresh and the tingly effect gives my lips a quick pick me up.

The balmi Lip Balms are priced at £4.99 and are available at selected Boots stores nationwide and online.

For more information, please visit their website.