Back to Basics Range


Phro Group is the baby of Lani Masuku aka PhroPhro, a hair blogger who is based in Australia. She created the brand in 2012 after being besieged with requests from her followers who have shared her hair journey. Phro Group create products that are 100% organically certified and has been created to achieve healthy hair regardless of how you wear it. Phro Group launched in the UK in May and they sent me their Back to Basics range to try out. The collection consists of Shea Care which nourishes your hair and gives you that added moisture that you will need during the winter months. Castor Care enriches your scalp and improves your hair’s texture and growth. Coconut Care repairs damaged hair by replacing it with protein bonds that attach to your hair shaft. Phro Group also have The Aphro Comb which provides you with a very quick and easy way to apply either Coconut or Castor Care onto your hair or scalp. The products I was sent to try were the Caster Care, Shea Care and the Aphro Comb.

My hairdresser recommended that I use Caster Oil in order to deal with the excessive dryness of my hair so I was curious to see what the Caster Care would be like. Well for a start the texture is a lot thicker than your olive oil or almond oil - in fact it has a slight jellyish feel to it. But heck, it does the job and moisturised my hair both internally and externally. I used this product two or three times a week all on the back and sides of my hair where the problem areas area and I did see an improvement and my hair had a lot more moisture. The smell is inoffensive but it is great for sealing moisture to your hair and adding that extra oomph when your hair is feeling dry. This product is great if you have a thick mane like me and if your hair is of a light texture then I would go easy on how often you use it and on how much you use.

The Shea Care is a lot more raw than other sheabutter products that I have tried but this was not in the slightest off-putting. In fact I liked the fact that I needed to knead the product between my fingers before I could apply. I felt that the pay off was worth it because it was very enriching and helped to make my edges a lot softer and manageable.

The Back to Basic range pretty much has it all; superb quality, slick packaging and a reasonable price. It contains no parabens, silicons or artificial colours.

The Caster Care, Coconut Care and Aphro Comb are priced at £10 each and the Shea Care is priced at £12.

For more information, please visit their website.