B. Makeup Matt Bronzer

Superdrug have reformulated and relaunched their B. Makeup line with a range of cruelty free products suitable for vegetarians and vegans and with a wide variety of products and formulations. I tried out B. Makeup Matt Bronzer in Dark which helps to create a natural radiant sunkissed look.

This is one of my favourite products from the B. Makeup range, and I’ve found that it has a variety of uses. With the weather being so cold and with the lack of sun, I find that a bronzer is always the perfect solution when I want to add some radiance to my complexion. 

This bronzer does just that, and I’ve used it in a multiple of ways. First as a natural blush that warms up the cheeks, as a bronzer where I’ve applied it by sweeping it around my forehead, cheeks and chin (some of the places the sun would naturally kiss). It also works great as a neutral shade on eyelids - where it just adds some depth, especially if you don’t want to wear any eye makeup but want a little warmth to the eye.

It’s not the darkest of bronzers, but it warms up the face beautifully. I also love that it’s a completely shimmer-free matte finish - which makes it perfect if you have any open pores around your cheek area as it won’t emphasise them.

B. Makeup Matt Bronzer is priced at £7.99, it’s available in three shades which are light to medium and dark. You can find it at Superdrug stores and online.