B. Confident Moisture Gel


I’m sure that the B. Confident Moisture Gel is not the first gel moisturiser, but there is something about it which feels very new and unique. It is part of the B range in Superdrug, and is said to be lightweight with a 12-hour hydration period, and is enriched with vitamins and minerals to provide the skin with much-needed nutrition. I’m very fond of the gel formula of the Moisture Gel, especially during this time of year - it feels cool and refreshing on the skin. The gel formula has a medium consistency which is thinner than usual cream moisturisers, but thicker than other gel moisturisers I’ve tried. The moisturiser possesses a special ‘Super Hydrating complex’ which increases moisturisation levels by over ten percent than usual moisturisers, so the need for reapplication is less frequent. What makes this gel moisturiser unique is that is combines the lightweight, refreshing feeling of a typical gel moisturiser, with the hydrating and moisturising ability of a cream moisturiser.

The moisturiser also contains algae-extract, which smooths and softens the skin, and the moisturiser also contains Persian Silk Tree Extract, which rejuvenates tired skin. Because of the coolness of the gel, and the inclusion of Persian Silk Tree Extract, I’ve found that the use of this moisturiser means I can skip the use of my usual cooling eye gel, but whilst it’s convenient in that sense, it can’t be used to remove makeup. The B. Confident Moisture Gel has the ability to moisturise the skin without leaving an oily residue, meaning that pores are less prone to getting clogged.

This product is an excellent moisturiser for those who find cream moisturisers on the heavy and oily side, but who want no compromise on their moisturiser’s hydrating ability. Looks-wise, there is no compromise on aesthetics either, since the pot has a sophisticated, frosted exterior. It is pleasantly affordable and is available to purchase now.

B. Confident Moisture Gel is priced at £9.99.

For more information, please visit the Superdrug website.