Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks


One thing you can be sure Avon deliver well on is a choice of bold and vibrant shades within their wide range of products, and this is certainly the case with their new Perfectly Matte Lipsticks which have just been released. I tried several shades within the line-up, namely Adoring Love, Pure Beige, Coral Fever and Electric Pink. Adoring Love is a medium hot pink which bears cool undertones. The presence of cool undertones makes Adoring Love suitable for the current wintery season, where warm undertones look out-of-place and more suited for warmer weather. The hot pink is a classic shade which suits a variety of skin tones and is a staple colour to own. Similarly, Electric Pink is also a bright pink, however is noticeably lighter and slightly neon in colour, bearing true to its electric name. It’s more difficult to get this shade right but it looks playful and feminine when worn correctly.

Coral Fever is a medium orange shade with warm undertones. Unlike Adoring Love, it’s definitely more suited for summer and comes into its own when paired with dewy, bronzed makeup. The last shade I tried was Pure Beige, which is a medium brown with nuances of rosy pink. It would make for an ideal nude shade on medium to dark skin tones without washing the face out, and for lighter skin tones Pure Beige would appear as a mauve brown. This is my favourite shade of the four because of its versatility and suitability for all occasions.

These products provide a true matte finish with zero shine. Unlike some matte lipsticks on the market, these don’t dry the lips and feel comfortable and even slightly hydrating, despite the true matte finish. Some matte lipsticks require extra preparation before wear, such as the use of a lip balm, but Avon’s version is effortless in the sense you can apply it from the bullet straightaway without thinking of dryness. Probably due to the matte finish is the fact these lipsticks have a supreme lasting ability, even after eating or drinking. After around seven hours, you’re left with a stain, and one which is strong and even.

Possibly to emphasise the matte nature of these lipsticks, Avon have given them a matte, silicone-type exterior, which differs widely from standard glossy black tubes. The silver strip debossed with Avon’s logo adds a feeling of luxury to what is an affordable lipstick. Overall these products have impressed in terms of shade and wearing ability, and I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a matte lipstick which doesn’t dry the lips or cake.

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks are priced at £8.00.

For more information, please visit their website.