Avon Gel Finish Nails


Avon is not the most sexiest of beauty brands but in my mind it is very underrated because they have a lot of fantastic gems such as their mascaras, lipsticks and nail polishes. This is Avon's venture into gel polishes. I am a real fan of their polishes because I find them to be great quality with a fantastic price tag. When I applied the Avon’s Gel Finish Nails I found it to be very richly pigmented and easy to apply. One coat makes a big impact but the second seals the deal. My only qualms was that I found the brush to be a tad on the tiny side; it could be wider and flatter. However at £7 I find the polishes great value for money. The collection contains a whooping 24 shades so something to suit every mood or skin tone. I actually tried this polish on two separate occasions - the first time was nice enough and the second time was no different. The polish does chip after three or four days so if you are after a long wear manicure then I would look elsewhere.

To be honest I didn't really notice much difference between the gel polish and ordinary one. They seemed very similar - either that or the gel effect polishes are wearing thin. With that aside, Avon polishes (gel or not) do possess a great formula and have lovely hues so I would most certainly recommend these.

Avon’s Gel Finish Nails are available to buy now. For more information please visit the Avon website.