Avene PhysioLift and TriAcneal Expert

Avene PhysioLiftAs a woman in my forties, I am very much the target audience for anti-ageing skincare. However, I find that many anti-ageing skincare formulas are too stimulating for my skin which can lead to spots, dryness and generally irritated skin. French pharmacy brand, Avene understand this dilemma and created the PhysioLift range for people like me; who want hardworking skincare in formulas that do not over stimulate the skin. PhysioLift is an anti-wrinkle range, which is also known as Deep Wrinkle. Wrinkles is not the only sign of ageing but the beauty industry is obsessed with them  Anyway, the PhysioLift range consists of two Day Creams, a Night Balm, an Eye Cream and a Wrinkle Filler.

The products all share the same active ingredients, hyaluronic acid, (moisture) pre-tocopheryl (a stable form of vitamin E which is an antioxidant) and Ascofilline which is a patented product that Avene say promotes collagen production. The products don’t contain any fragrance and are housed in airless pumps. The Day Soothing Cream has a cold cream texture formulated for normal to dry skins. My top pick however is the Night Soothing Regenerating Balm which in reality is just a richer textured cream. Both products leave your skin hydrated but not irritated so if you are looking for an affordable anti-ageing range this is a good place to start.

When I was in my teens, I did not think I would still be getting breakouts in my forties, but I do. Products aimed for teenage skin are way too drying for my skin but I still need to deal with the spots and the scars that spots leave on my skin. TriAcneal Expert is a cream that you apply to your whole face at night. It works on the scars and pigmentation left by spots and scars. The actives in TriAcneal are a Vitamin A derivative (a form or retinol) an exfoliating enzyme and patented anti bacterial active. In theory this should be the perfect combination to reduce scarring. Having used the product for a month however, I find that it only works when the scar is new and also that it left my forehead very dry.

PhysioLift Day Soothing Cream is priced at £25.00 and the Night Soothing Regenerating Night Balm is £26.00 with the TriAcneal Expert is £20.00.

For more information, please visit their website.