Aveda Stress-Fix Body Lotion and Concentrate


I am obsessed with lavender and I adore the flowers and essential oils. I even enjoy lavender infused snacks, one whiff of the scent makes me I naturally relax. Some say it’s the fragrance for a woman of a certain age but I disagree. In fact mix it right and you’ve got something heavenly and soothing. Aveda has hit the mark - bullseye - with their Stress-Fix range in which there are six heavenly products available. Aveda’s Stress-Fix Body Lotion and Concentrate are perfect for any time of day and really gives you peace of mind. I began using Aveda’s Stress-Fix Body Lotion at the end of a busy hot summer’s day. To be honest applying a body lotion was the last thing I wanted to do as I thought I’d feel sticky and irritable but at the same time I was eager to try the product. I could not have been more wrong; when I poured the Lotion into my palm, the fragrance immediately relaxed me. The Body Lotion contains French lavender, Lavandin and Clary Sage and the combination is simply sublime. It’s not an old fashioned fragrance, in fact I would say it’s timeless and perfect for any occasion. The consistency of the lotion is light and runny and when it was applied it absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving a sticky tacky feel.

After using the lotion for 21 evenings my skin felt soft, smooth and supple, although, some mornings I had to reapply lotion to my calf area. Using the lotion was a perfect way for me to end my busy days. It would also be perfect to keep in your hand bag or office desk draw for moments when you need to take a step back. The fragrance is potent enough to give an instant stress fix without being overpowering plus it’s unlikely to be offensive to anyone sharing your office space. At home it’s the perfect product to include as part of your home spa regime. It’s available in two sizes 200ml and 50ml.

Aveda’s Stress-Fix Concentrate also contains the aroma with French lavender, Lavandin and Clary Sage. It comes in a 7ml vial, making it perfectly portable. It’s applied via a roller-ball applicator, so no need to worry about spillage or over application. I used it before my driving practice, to help me stay calm and collected and boy it worked. The Oil is very light and it’s advised to apply it to your pressure points. It absorbs quickly without being feeling or looking greasy. Like the lotion the fragrance of the concentrate is potent but not overpowering.

Aveda's Stress-Fix Body Lotion is priced between £10.00 to -£27.00. The Stress-Fix Concentrate is £22.00. They will work well together or on their own.

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