Aveda Nourish-Mint Lip Glaze and Petal Essence Eye Color


I tried more products from Aveda's makeup range, including their Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Fire Poppy. This shade is a postbox red, which is a favourite type of red to many. Glaze might suggest that this lip product is translucent or sticky, rather like the glaze you put on desserts, but I would say it's more of a lip lacquer. It has a full opacity (commendable as it's not easy to achieve with Lip Glosses), and surprisingly isn't sticky despite the thick, moisturising texture. On application, the first thing you notice is the strong scent of spearmint, which I really like as it smells of my favourite chocolate, and not clinical-like in the least. I don't often wear lip glosses because they're not opaque enough for me, but I felt comfortable wearing this on it's own, not just to enhance a lipstick underneath. It had a decent wear-time too. My lips felt hydrated when wearing this and it gave the illusion of fuller lips. I can imagine this Lip Glaze very popular, since it has more substance and body than a standard Lip Gloss.

I also tried several matte Petal Essence Single Eye Color eyeshadows. Rose Gold is a medium-dark gold, Indigo Sky is a dark purple, Plumeria is a burgundy-red and Coriander is a medium warm chocolate brown. All of these shades are quite sophisticated and complement each other very well. Plumeria is my favourite shade of the four and particularly suited for the later months of the calendar year. Coriander could be used as a nude base for those with a similar skin tone.

They have the same formula - a silky powder that is supposedly crease-resistant. The pigment of these eyeshadows are fantastically powerful, not weak at all and they glide on nicely. I wouldn't say that they're crease-resistant and would recommend using an Eyeshadow Primer first. I also think they are slightly expensive for refills, but the high quality largely justifies that. I really like the range of shades available and think there is a shade and finish (you can get them in shimmer) to suit every occasion.

The Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze is priced at £16.00 and the Petal Essence Single Eye Color at £12.50.

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