Aveda Daily Light Guard SPF 30


When I wrote this London was in the middle of its two day summer and with temperatures hitting over thirty degrees Celsius. Oh happy days eh? Stepping outside meant that you were going to be hit by the sun’s rays. Aveda is a brand that utilises natural ingredients in its products so I was interested to see how their Daily Light Guard SPF 30 would fair in elevated temperatures. The Daily Light Guard is a light way lotion which you need to shake before use. It has a ball bearing in it to mix the ingredients before application. It has a thin runny texture which is different from most SPF creams. It contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are physical screens. This means that they reflect the UVA and UVB rays from the skin. If your skin is slightly damp (ie you are a bit sweaty) it does not apply as evenly as on a completely dry skin. Difficult in 30 plus Celsius weather!

It left a noticeable blue white cast on my skin when first applied. My face is the darkest part of my body and the white effect is worse there. On my inner arm it was less visible but still noticeable. It did fade in about five minutes. I found that a light application of a powder foundation worked well as it has a slightly tacky texture. If you complexion is lighter than mine definitely try it in your local store.

The dinky size (30ml) makes it perfect for carrying out with you for when the sun peeps out but you need to give it time to settle into the skin.

Aveda Daily Light Guard is priced at £34.00.

For more information, please visit their website.