Artisan Facial at Anamaya

I had the privilege of receiving an Artisan Facial by Dija Ayodele at Anamaya. The venue whose name means Sanskrit for "health", is a short walk away from High Street Kensington tube station. Dija welcomed me and offered me some tea. I chose Jing's Jasmine Silver Needle and while I sipped it, I filled in a skin, diet and lifestyle form.

Dija is very easy to speak to as she is a good listener. I was confident in her abilities as an aesthetician because she is very open about her ongoing studies in addition to her practice and from the questions she asked and the answers given, it is clear that she is very knowledgeable.

I had never had a chemical peel before as I had always been scared of my skin literally peeling off. Dija explained to me that she would always begin with a less intensive treatment and work up to stronger products over a course of treatments, which was reassuring.

She began by thoroughly cleansing my skin which is probably the most important step. When she applied the lactic acid, my skin went a bit tingly but it was ok because Dija monitored the process carefully. It smelled vaguely yoghurt-y but it was obviously more sophisticated than smoothing Actimel all over my face.

After that, Dija cleansed my skin again and layered on some hydrating and protecting products and used crystals which were lovely and cooling. On looking at my face afterwards, my skin looked fresh, smooth and bright, just like a baby’s. Dija told me that the best results would be seen around seven days later which was difficult to imagine at the time because the immediate results were amazing.

Dija advised me to get a sunscreen of SPF50 to protect my skin so that's the first thing I did on leaving Anamya. She also advised me on how to transition from drugstore and beauty counter products to professional skin specialist products. I loved that she gave practical advice rather than only trying to sell her own brand (3107 London). In fact, she didn’t mention it to me at all but she knows I am aware of it (and I love using it by the way).

I left Anamaya with a very shiny-looking face but I felt good so I didn’t care. I also couldn’t stop touching my face which is terrible I know, but it felt so nice. Besides, after buying the SPF I got on the tube so I dread to think of what my face picked up then.

As promised, my skin looked baby-fresh a week later and beyond so I can definitely see the value in a course of treatments. There was no peeling or flaky skin which happily crushed my initial fear. I went foundation-free for a few weeks as my skin looked so good and when I did wear foundation the absolute minimum on my nose and cheeks was all that was needed. My makeup sat better on my skin and I had tons of bare-skin confidence!

Also, as promised, Dija followed up with a comprehensive email asking how my skin was doing and giving advice tailored to the responses I gave on the questionnaire. It was considered advice, taking into account budget, time and lifestyle.

I would highly recommend Dija'a Artisan Facial service at Anamaya. It should be viewed as an investment, because that's exactly what it is, rather than a treat. The prices might make you stop and think for a moment but the lasting visible benefit resulting from Dija's knowledge and experience gave me confidence as well as good skin, so the price is well worth it.

Dija offers the following services:

Consultations - 1 hour for £60

Rejuvenating Facial Treatment - 45mins for £75

Skin Peel course - for £580

For more information, please visit her website.