AromaWorks Purity Face Cleanser and Nourish Formula Exfoliate Mask


AromaWorks is a British brand that I associate with home fragrance. From candles to reed diffusers, Aroma Works have a lovely range of aromas so I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that they range has skincare too. The skincare caters for a wide range of skin types including pregnancy, mature and men’s skincare. I tested out their Purity Face Cleanser and Nourish Formula Exfoliate Mask. The Purity Face Cleanser, in terms of texture sits somewhere between a cleansing cream and a cleansing lotion. It is very light but very effective at removing makeup. I found that it emulsified a full face of make-up including mascara with ease and the beautiful fragrance (bergamot, chamomile, neroli and lavender) make it a pleasure to use. I like to apply it to dry skin and remove it with a damp flannel. The light texture makes it a good option for the morning cleanse too as it does not leave a heavy residue on the skin, instead it is left hydrated after use.

The Nourish range is for all skin types but the Nourish Formula Exfoliate Mask is a product that confused me. I thought this was going to be an exfoliating mask that had some fruit acid in them so you left it on the skin. However, this is a product with Bamboo Powder in it which is a manual exfoliator. It is not my preferred way to exfoliate but the instructions say it can be used up to twice a week so I thought it must have been gentle. Sadly I found this product to be quite abrasive on my skin. The problem with manual exfoliators is that it is easy to use too much pressure on the skin and you can scratch it so this is not a product that I can use on my face.

Despite the Exfoliate mask, this is a range that I would dip into again. I am a fan of aromatherapy skincare and the face oils look amazing. The range is housed in glass and has a premium feel that matches the price tag.

AromaWorks Purity Face Cleanser & Box

AromaWorks Purity Face Cleanser is priced at £36.00 and the Nourish Formula Exfoliate Mask at £30.00.

For more information, please visit their website.