Argan+ Skin Renewal Body Scrub


Regular exfoliation is really important and as much as I love a salt scrub, it takes time and energy so it is always nice to have an exfoliating shower gel on the go. Argan 5 is a range that retails in Boots and Waitross which blends Argan oil with four other oils. In this case, Baobab (vitamin ADE and F - great regenerative properties), Kukui, (rich in essential fatty acids - nourishes the skin) Moringa (eighteen fatty acids, cholorphyll and antiseptic) and Sachi Inchi (high in essential fatty acids - similar properties to flaxseed oil). The scrub element is a mixture of pumice and olive stones. On the skin they don't feel scratchy at all. It is recommended to apply to wet skin, but I have used in dry on knees and elbow for a pre-shower treatment prior to stepping into the shower. The fragrance is slightly woody; it does have ginger, lavender and peppermint extracts in it but that is not reflected in the smell. In the shower it does not foam, when rubbed into the skin it forms more of a milk texture. The scrubby bits rinse of easily and when you leave the shower your skin is smoother but not raw or sore. I use it every other day if I know I am not going to do a salt scrub at the weekend or one to two times a week if I am doing a salt scrub. The pliable plastic tube makes it easy to squeeze the product out - right to the end of the tube and it is the ideal product to follow with a body oil.

The Argan+ Skin Renewal Body Scrub is available this month from Boots,, Waitrose and It is priced at £7.99.