Archeia Rose Rejuvenating Cream


Archeia’s skincare products are centred on providing anti-ageing solutions, with the use of organic ingredients only. Not only are their products organic, but they are also free from artificial fragrances, parabens, and free from animal cruelty too, which is to me the most attractive part of their ethics. They are also a British brand. I was thrilled to try the Archeia Rose Rejuvenating Cream because it supposedly revives the secrets of ancient Egyptian royals, suggesting that it should deliver a very high performance. The pot also supports this expectation. It’s made of glass and has a very chic, faceted and oblong design. The actual pot within the glass is purple, and when teamed with the gold trim on the lid, creates a royal look.

Going back to the ‘secrets of ancient Egyptian royals’, this cream possesses the core of the recipes used by ancient queens of Egypt, to ‘preserve their youth and beauty’, with the inclusion of several costly essential oils (such as lavender and sandalwood). Particularly, it includes Damask Rose, which was used by Cleopatra so you can begin to understand why this cream costs £47.99.

The actual cream is stark white, with a texture that is slightly thicker than a lotion but thinner than most moisturisers. On my skin, I felt that it applies evenly, is lightweight and gives a cooling sensation. What I noticed about this product is that unlike some moisturisers, it doesn’t feel sticky and is quite refreshing. I have been applying this to my face and neck, which seem more hydrated, supple and even more elastic; with some more time it would noticeably deliver on the anti-ageing aspect.

One thing which is a slight negative for me is that, although it’s not artificial, the fragrance of the cream is quite strong (although is pleasant). I do like this luxurious moisturising cream, as it does deliver the promised standard and is pleasing to use.

For more information please visit their website.

NB: When I tested this product it was called Archeia, since then it has been rebranded and now called Arkeya.