Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil & Radiant Light Facial Serum


I finally got to try products from the much raved about Antonia Burrell brand, this range prides itself on offering chemical free, 100% natural products, using clinically proven actives that harness nature’s most potent nutrient rich botanicals. Antonia Burrell also works from a Holistic perspective, believing that you cannot have radiant, healthy looking skin, if your mind is stressed and your body full of nervous energy. So they aim to transform the menial skincare routine into a luxurious, indulgent time of calm and healing. The Natural Glow Cleansing Oil is the world’s first 100% pure plant 100% natural water soluble cleansing oil (what a mouthful), but what an achievement it must be if this is not common place. The Oil is designed to remove impurities, dirt and water-proof makeup with a gorgeous refreshing and uplifting aroma. My initially thoughts on using this is that it doesn’t have the usual slip I’m accustomed to with Cleansing Balms and Oils, but I’ve come to love the texture of this and the scent is just divine, quite strong though if you don’t like scents in your skincare. I have used this to remove makeup, but I think this is a waste of such a gorgeous and expensive product, so I use it as a second cleanse in the evenings and do a facial massage with it. The Oil contains Cypress a natural astringent, Bitter Orange a natural acne treatment, Tea Tree to purify, Lavender to calm irritation and Castor Seed an anti-inflammatory with healing properties. My face is left clean, glowy and hydrated, but not stripped.

The Radiant Light Facial Serum is a bright orange coloured oil serum, said to be a potent remedy for scars, uneven skin tone, dark spots, pigmentation, while giving the skin a radiant glow to improve texture and clarity. It’s formulated with 18 pure plant extracts, combined to brighten the skin tone, with 100% natural products. This includes Frankincense that protects, rejuvenates, heals, improves skin tone, conditions and prevents wrinkles. Rosewood brightens dull sallow fatigued skin, Galbanum treats hyperpigmentation, while Sea Buckthorn speeds up the skins regeneration process, promoting the healing of damaged skin and softening scar tissue. The Serum is also rich in vitamins A, C and E alongside Omega 3, 6 and 7 with patented Olive fruit extract to protect skin from further damage.

This is a lovely light serum oil that I enjoy using, it absorbs well and does not interfere with makeup during these colder months. My skin has definitely appeared to remain more even toned, despite the odd period when my skincare regime is lacking. I feel there is some minor fading of my blemishes, and my skin definitely has a glow to it, but I wouldn’t say my current hyperpigmentation around my mouth is completely gone. However I realise these things usually take a long time and require consistent use.

Both products are housed in dark glass pump bottles, this protects the integrity and hygiene of the products. If you are big on luxurious 100% natural products you cannot go far wrong with this range, and I look forward to trying more from the range. They can be found on Antonio Burrell’s website the Natural Glow Cleansing Oil starts at £29.50 for 50ml, depending on what size you go for, and the Radiant Light Facial Serum is £58.80 for 15ml.