Antonia Burrell Biotech Supreme Pressed Serum


Friend of brownbeautytalk, Antonia Burrell has a skincare range that we adore. Her Cleansing Oil is one of my all time favourite so it is always exciting to try a new product from her range. The Biotech Supreme Pressed Serum is a game changer. Antonia has combined two of my great skincare loves into one product – innovative skincare technology and green beauty ingredients. Biotech Supreme really shows that the two are not exclusive. Drip feed technology means the safflower and vitamin E oils are supplied to the skin over an extended period of time and not just at the time of application. Fermented pumpkin exfoliate and resurfaces your skin in a similar way to a fruit acid. There are also neroli and pomegranate peptides for firming and lifting.

In terms of botanicals, there is amaranth oil for anti inflammatory and anti oxidant action, luminosity for white bird of paradise flower extract and Chinese fungus poria cocos which acts against oxidative stress and redness all housed in an airless pump. No wonder it took five years to develop the product. The technology is like nothing else currently on the market. The ingredients give you high tech skincare in a green skincare formula for 85.00. The brand challenges you to use the product for seven days … which is what I did.

This product does not smell nice, or pretty, in fact it smells like soil. It takes a couple of days to get used to it but it is not off-putting in my opinion. It is a serum that is slightly tacky when first applied. The application method is to press it into the skin which is not as strange as it sounds. This product can act as a primer and many primers use this action when looking for a skin refining effect.

There is also something about the texture of this product that lends itself. Don’t apply too much – if you apply four pumps don’t put moisturiser over the top as it will roll on your skin. I also found that it did not sit well with gel texture moisturisers but a cream based one was fine. I used this product twice a day for seven days and I loved the result.

My skin is dehydrated and I found that despite not drinking enough water and spending a lot of time in centrally heated buildings this product helped rehydrate my skin. When used as a primer my makeup did last and stay luminous and the slight texture on the skin caused by enlarged pores was reduced. As a night cream I did not wake up with a greasy nose. My skin was plump, hydrated and appeared refreshed even when I only had four hours sleep.

At the end of seven days, seven days which included a gluttonous Christmas my makeup free skin looked great. There was no sign of the abuse that I had been subjecting my skin to at all. If you love your skincare, be it techy or green, this serum is worth the investment. You really see and feel the benefit of the five years of product development.

Antonia Burrell Biotech Supreme Pressed Serum is priced at £65.00.

For more information, please visit their website.